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About Us

"infiniByte - Consulting" is a progressive Business and technology consulting practice. We strive to assist corporate clients in reaching governance excellence by relying on proven enterprise architecture expertise to identify business components (strategic goals, processes, people and skills, information, technology) and how they interlink together to drive business towards more efficiency, effectiveness and growth. We believe that for a business to secure its strategic goals, all components must be enabled and aligned.

"infiniByte - The data architects" is a leading provider of storage solutions, business continuity and Virtual infrastructure based on the state of the art technologies; committed to providing the highest levels of in depth knowledge, skill & expertise for today's data intensive enterprise. Our services offering is developed carefully around our customers' needs and aimed to cover small, medium and large enterprises requirements to assess, design and implement the full data lifecycle starting from basic Datacenter consolidation thorough complex Disaster recovery solutions and up to data archiving, virtualization, backup and recovery.




 •Enterprise Architecture  •Information Security  •IT Service Management  •Business Continuity Planning  •Disaster Recovery Planning  •Business Systems Implementations  •System Integration  •Information Security  •Geospatial Information systems  •Policing Information Systems  •Project Management  •Data Centres, Design, Management and Audit  •IT Infrastructure Implementation  •IT Managed Service


 •Enterprise Architecture  •Risk Management  •Information Security  •Policing  •Healthcare  •Geospatial Information Systems  •Project Management  •IT service Management

Our services

Proven Experienced Professional Services Partner


Deployment / Architect

Professional Services to meet your installation requirement of any EMC Storage System to any Host. Either On-Site or Remotely we make sure our CE delivers the best service to make your system up and running in not time.


Plan / Implement

Wide range of data migration, using EMC tools or other method to migrate your servers data from old storages to a target EMC Storage System, detailed and thorough plan to insure a successful migration. From physical to virtual or whatever your environment is.


Implement / Strategy

Backup solutions including software and hardware. Services include creating backup strategy document, customizing parameters and policies of backup products, developing and testing recovery procedures, implement utilities and reporting of backup solution.

Disaster Recovery

Deployment / Architect

Develop and implement a relevant Disaster Recovery plan for your organization. We're expert at helping you identify the gaps in your plans and adapt them to meet a full recovery in case of a disaster. And we can prepare your staff for a real disaster by running table-top recovery drills.


Plan / Implement

Accelerate your virtualization by minimizing the risk caused by wrong deployment. Ensure a successful deployment virtualization and cloud solutions across your IT infrastructure. You'll achieve the highest levels of efficiency, manageability, and agility for all your IT services, from the desktop to the datacenter to the cloud.


Analysis / Workshop

Information Lifecycle Management services framework helps you to address regulatory and compliance needs as well as provides architecture, design, implementation, and management services to help create an ILM environment tailored to your needs and budget  •ILM Discovery Workshop  •ILM Business Requirements Analysis  •ILM Business Value Analysis.

Talent & Practice

acquiring practical skills and knowledge is the only method to improving or even sustaining performance.


30+ Years of experience ready to be delivred to your team.


Comfortable elegant calssrooms inspired design helps you to focus, break out areas with nice view located in JLT


 • EMC Training  •VMware Training  •Cisco Training  •Microsoft Training  • Management and Leadership Training  • Geographical Information System - ESRI  • ITIL Training  • Project Management  • Customer Service


You can combine instrcutors, facility and courses to design your own training


Our professional services are built around the largest Multinational organizations.

  • On Business side, we strive to assist corporate clients in reaching excellence by relying on proven enterprise architecture expertise to identify business components (strategic goals, processes, people and skills, information, technology) and how they interlink together to drive business towards more efficiency, effectiveness and growth. On Technology side, Consilium Consulting puts its team of experts and innovative products in the service of clients to achieve successful transformation in how technology is used to maximize business performance and efficiency.

    - Consilium Consulting

  • EMC Corporation is a global technology leader and innovator. Our systems, software, services, and solutions enable customers to store, protect, optimize, and leverage their information assets in new ways—maximizing value while reducing costs. We help customers design, build, and manage intelligent, flexible, and secure information infrastructures that transform information into business advantage. With our powerful information lifecycle management (ILM) strategies, customers can manage information efficiently for the most business value—at every point in the lifecycle and at the lowest cost. .

    - EMC

  • VMware is the world’s leading provider of virtualization solutions for x86-based servers and desktops. Through a pioneering approach to virtualization, VMware technology works to separate the software from the underlying hardware. This allows a single computer to run multiple operating systems and applications, delivering significant improvements in efficiency, availability, flexibility and manageability.

    - VMware

  • VCE, the converged platforms division of EMC, is the world market leader in converged infrastructure and converged solutions. VCE accelerates the adoption of converged infrastructure and cloud-based computing models that reduce IT costs while improving time to market. VCE delivers the industry's only fully integrated and virtualized cloud infrastructure systems, allowing customers to focus on business innovation instead of integrating, validating, and managing IT infrastructure.

    - VCE

  • Commvault's data protection and information management solutions provide mid- and enterprise-level organizations worldwide with a significantly better way to get value from their data. Commvault can help companies protect, access and use all of their data, anywhere and anytime, turning data into a powerful strategic asset.

    - Commvault

  • System Integrator and Business Solutions Provider with a commitment to perpetual innovative performance powered by strategic alliances with distinguished business partners and internal skillful & visionary team of consultants dedicated to enriching our customers with bright Ideas for enterprise management solutions.

    - PioTech

  • Since its establishment in 1991, INTEGRATED SYSTEMS has been a leader in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry in Jordan. It has sold, installed, and maintained ICT solutions in hundreds of sites both in the Public and Private sectors.

    - Integrated Systems

  • Is considered to be one of the most highly acclaimed training centers directed to aid the companies and business organizations in GCC region and the Arab World .It has been successful in reaching the highest level of proficiency and efficiency training is given to prepare trainees in various work fields and different managerial levels, to enable them to develop adequate and move precise managerial and technical policies so that their organizations can become more competitive and adaptable to market changes.

    - Third Dimension

  • Secure City Solutions was created to focus on products for voice interoperability and video/data collaboration in the industrial, commercial, and government sectors, that require general commercial-grade security as part of an overall communication solution. Born out of Invest Ottawa, Secure City Solutions has had success in North America, Asia and the Middle East. Secure City Solutions was recognized with Invest Ottawa’s first Rising Star award for 2012, named “A Start-up to Watch (2013)” by the Ottawa Business Journal and recipient of NRC-IRAP funding. Our success is due to our people, our innovation, and our clients.

    - Secure City Solutions

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